Tips for Finding Addiction Help Discreetly

Addiction is a common disease. But not everyone wants their addiction issues to be known to friends, family, or employers. There’s still considerable stigma associated with being an alcoholic or a drug addict that may negatively affect your lifestyle.

Finding help for an addiction problem can be particularly problematic for those who are public figures, top executives, or are well known in their field or community. Fear of public reprisal should never be a reason to not seek help for your dire health situation. If you are worried about people finding out about your addiction, here are some suggestions for finding help discreetly:

Call a Helpline or ADIS

The Australian government runs the Alcohol Drug Information Service (ADIS) that anyone can all to seek help from. You won’t have to worry about disclosing your personal information when seeking help. You can call and ask about discreet treatment options. You can additionally call a helpline, most of which are run anonymously. Lifeline and Drug Info are great places to start as these telephone services are operated anonymously. Use your personal phone or Skype to prevent an employer or a family member from finding out that you have called ADIS or a helpline.

Check into a Specialist Rehabilitation Centre

Famous or well-known people don’t always find success in group therapy, even ones with the anonymous in the title. You may not know anyone else in the group, but the others in the group may recognise you as so and so. This is the primary reason why celebrity rehab centres exist. Despite any negative connotation these centres may have because of tabloid media coverage, there are legitimate facilities that offer effective treatment programs for all types of addiction.

You can check into one of these facilities to receive treatment and care without public scrutiny. Find a facility that specifically caters to people who are concerned about workplaces or the public finding out about them. Refer to treatment programs as well and choose a place that best suits your needs and preferences.

Consult with Your Doctor

Your GP is possibly the best person to talk to regarding getting discreet help for an addiction problem. Your doctor is legally prohibited from discussing your personal health problems with anyone else, except another healthcare professional who is also consulting with you. Your GP would have recommendations regarding how you can find care without announcing to the whole world that you have an addiction problem.

Travel Overseas for Treatment

People back at work think you are on an extended vacation to rest and relax. But your vacation could really be a way to get help for an addiction issue. No one is famous all over the world. If you are overly concerned about being recognised while getting addiction treatment in your country, you can consider flying overseas to someplace where no one knows who you are. You can pass off the treatment as a holiday to anyone who asks.

You can also ask others in the same situation as you about how they may have gotten help for their addiction problems. Remember, getting help is lot more important than saving public face. If your addiction gets out of control, everyone will find out about it anyway.

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