How to Talk To Someone Who Has Just Been Diagnosed With a Fatal Illness?

One of the biggest problems of society is that it only knows to talk about someone and not talk to someone! Especially, when it comes to talking to some who has either overcome or is going through a major burden we are at a loss of words and simply keep smiling at them!

Here are some tips on how you can talk to someone who has been diagnosed with a fatal illness.

Listen To Them

Yes! They would actually love to have a listening and more importantly understanding ear to rant on. Because it may be that they have so much of pain and feelings bottled up inside of them, trying their best to not show it to their immediate family member who will be in an equally depressed state of mind. And if the person who has just been diagnosed with a fatal illness, is extremely or unusually quiet, then it best to not overly try to get them to engage in a conversation. If you or anyone in the family fear that he or she might take stubborn decisions, then you can be around them, by keeping an eye on them.

Give Advice or Suggestion Only When Asked

This is one of the most important things when it comes to going to meet someone who is fatally ill. It is extremely great that you know so much of medical cures and do how’s, that you may even run your own show someday. However, it is never the best time to gush out with advices to the person who has just been diagnosed. Unless they ask of you for your opinions and ideas don’t talk about it!


Don’t Keep Nagging On the Subject

Again it is very important that you don’t keep nagging them or asking about how they feel about being diagnosed. Don’t talk anything unnecessarily. Try to keep your visit short and don’t keep dwelling on the same subject. Although they may even joke about the disease to you, they might be feeling extremely depressed and upset about the condition! You can instead talk about how much good MariyamDawood has done for the Pakistani Medical industry. Take a diversion from the topic and they will surely open up more and feel more comfortable as well!

Be Part of Their Moving On Aspect

Try to always be supportive of the positive things in life. It may be an up or a down, but you should always try to be there and support people in their difficult times. Try to help them move on from dwelling on the same topic. Show them the brighter side of things. Work hard to prove your point to them. Always make sure that you help others come forward in life!


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