Keep Forgetting to Take Your Meds? Use These Tips to Remember

Are you in the habit of forgetting to take your prescription meds as recommended by your doctor? This is not uncommon among those who take more than one set of pills at the time. If you are a senior, then age-related problems could interfere with your ability to take your meds on time. Whatever the reason is, here are several tips that will help you remember to take your pills on time:

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Organize Your Pills

Are your meds still in their pharmacy packets all jumbled together on the nightstand? Organising your pills can help you take your meds on time and not forget any doses. To do that, order a pull box, which you can easily find online or in any pharmacy. Pill boxes allow you to organize doses by the day of the week and also by the time of the day. Spend each Sunday or Monday filling the pill box with doses and keep in in a place that’s easy to reach. Now you can conveniently take doses due per each day without having to read the doctor’s note over and over again. Pill boxes are easy to keep on your person and travel with as well.

Order Your Meds Online

You can forget to take your pills and also forget to buy them as well. Are you in the habit of forgetting to buy the meds as well? If you forget to refill your meds, then you might end up going days without the pills, eventually forgetting entire doses altogether. You can avoid this problem by having prescriptions delivered to home via an online service. Some local pharmacies may have this service as well. When your meds arrive by mail, you won’t easily forget to refill your doses.

Use an App

There’s an app for everything these days and there are certainly apps that can remind you to take your meds on time. If you have a smartphone or a tablet, download a well reviewed pill reminder app. There are loads to choose from. These apps can give you a notification when your pills are due with a sound effect, email, or a phone call on your smartphone. Some pill reminder apps are available for fitness trackers or smart watches that you can have around your wrist, so the notifications would never go unnoticed.

Mark Your Calender

If you are not tech savvy, then mark your calendar for days and times that you need to take your pills. Strike out doses when you take them so you don’t take double doses of anything. Frequently check your calendar to make sure you have taken the doses, as you should. If your medications skip days between doses, this calendar trick may help you remember.

Get Help from Someone Else

If you are truly forgetful, you can ask a friend, roommate, or a family member to remind you to take your meds. Put them in charge of your doses and they’ll make sure you take your meds without forgetting. If you are elderly, having a caretaker in this manner is highly recommended.

Try one or two of the above tactics and see if you remember to take your meds from then on. Remember, practise makes perfect.

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