5 Important Steps to Take Before You Become a Dentist

Dentistry is one of those fields that most people interested in medicine, oral health, sciences and helping others fall in to. It requires many years of specialized education and training which is challenging, however; it is rewarding and makes all the sacrifices and hard work all worth it. Find out below what you need to get done in order to reach your goal of becoming a dentist.

Getting Your Bachelor’s Degree

An undergraduate degree in pre-dentistry or a science-related field will be most beneficial to you. These degrees will give you the best prerequisites for entering the field of dentistry. It’s best to get good grades and learn as much as you can when schooling. These will help you get good letters of recommendation when you are applying to dental schools. Remember that most of these letters must also carry supportive information on your work ethic and characteristics. Your grades score on the Dental Accreditation exam or similar entry exams plus extracurricular activities and recommendations are important in the application process.

Obtaining the Doctorate

At the school, you will have to attend the standard program that is four years and includes coursework and clinical work. Upon completion, you will get the Doctor of Dental Surgery that gives you the official accreditation to start practicing. If you want to specialize then this will take few more years to complete. This includes a residency or postgraduate program. The Peninsula Dental care facility has dentists who specialize in various areas such as Endodontic, surgery or paediatric dentistry to name a few.

Volunteer and Part-Time Work Experience

With any choice of career, it is important to get work experience before you start on your own. Initially you can start by volunteering or helping a dentist out in the office. You can even get this experience while you are studying as volunteering at dentist’s offices while studying can improve your application greatly. Part-time work experience is equally good so try to manage your time and get as much work done during the time you are in dental school.

Getting the License to Work

The next step is to obtain the license so that you can start working. This step is taken immediately after receiving your doctorate. This is usually a written exam that tests some of the basic knowledge in the field.  This exam is generally known as the National Board Dental Examination.

Options for Work

There are a few options you can work with after getting your license. You can either open your own practice or join another dentist in their private practice. Working as an associate for another established dentist will give you valuable one-on-one experience. In addition, you can also work in a hospital in your city or some even like to travel to rural or suburban areas to cater to the needs of the people there. You will also find that most new graduates find more job opportunities in these suburban areas where the job market is less competitive however in dire need of professional services such as dentistry.

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